Frequently Asked Questions

How much this resources cost?

  • This top eleven token and cash generator is totaly free and it is a free of charge

Is this tool real or fake?

  • This tool is totaly real and is safe for using. There is no way to get ban because we have high secured connection for our generator.

How this generator work?

  • Our generator work very easy and simple. Everything you need to do is to choose how much top eleven tokens and cash you want and the rest of the work will do our system. It will take only several minutes for tokens and cash to be added in your account.

What if i don’t receive tokens and cash?

  • Feel free to contact us if you don’t receive your generated top eleven tokens and cash in maximum 30 minutes.

I cannot generate more times what is the problem?

  • You have generated two times tokens and cash and you want more. Our system is blocking users to generate more then 2 times because we want everyone to get some tokens and cash. If you want to get more¬†then 2 timest generation feel free to contact us.