Terms of service

– Everything we want is to share free top eleven tokens and cash with people who don’t have money to spent for buying cash and tokens. For that reason we made a generator to obtain top eleven tokens and cash for free..
– Please check our site every week generator will be updated weekly and new features will be added every day.
– This online generator is generating possible combinations of numbers and it is generating a numbers of possible tokens and cash.

Survey Completion:
– Survey is required to be finished to activate your top eleven tokens and cash
– Our system does not need any kind of personal informations like ID, credit cards, driving licence etc.
– On every update you need to complete new survey to get new updated features
– You can generate only two times for one account so our system will block your account for future generating.
– If surveys doesn’t work in your country feel free to contact us

Contact Form:
– You need to enter name,email,subject and message in order to contact us
– We will contact you withing 24 hours on your email

Age Restriction:
There is no age restriction in order to use our top eleven tokens and cash generator. Any age of person can use our generator in order to get free cash and tokens